Dec 20, 2018

Charleston, S.C., Creates First Storm Water Department

The city’s storm water department will address flooding and drainage issues

Charleston, S.C., develops storm water department
Charleston, S.C., develops storm water department

The Charleston, S.C., city council and Mayor John Tecklenburg voted to create the city’s first storm water department. The council also voted to increase storm water funding by $2.4 million for 2019.

According to local news source WCSC, the new storm water department will aim to reduce flooding and improve drainage throughout Charleston. The city also is considering increasing building requirements for new developments to limit harm on drainage systems.

“With tough new storm water rules already in place in Church Creek and more on the way citywide, not to mention a large number of drainage projects moving forward now and in the future,” Tecklenburg said in a statement. “This department will give us the focus and accountability we need to see these projects and others through to success.”

Fixing flood and drainage issues in the city is one of the city’s top priorities, as reported by the Charleston City Paper. The city will hire a new storm water director and the new department will include several new positions, including project managers, inspectors, an administrative technician and construction workers.

According to the Post and Courier, the city has had drainage problems since its early settlers began filling in and building on creek beds. The city has seen three major floods and several smaller ones in the past four years alone with currently 677 repetitively flooded homes, marking nearly a quarter of the state’s total and more than any other single community in the state.