Jan 26, 2021

City in Georgia Closer to Outsourcing Storm Water Utility

A storm water plan that will outsource some administrative duties of storm water service could soon be underway in Johns Creek, Georgia.

storm water

Johns Creek, Georgia city leaders are moving forward with a plan that will outsource some administrative duties of its storm water service.

Storm water has been a frequent issue in Johns Creek and at the forefront of the city’s agenda, reported North Fulton News. 

Approximately 80% of the city’s storm water management systems were installed before current best practice methods. The city has since experienced erosion, flooding and contamination of rivers and lakes, reported North Fulton News.

At a Dec. 7 work session, the council determined the extent of service should include portions of the storm water system outside the city right-of-way. This extends to cover structures and conveyances from headwall to headwall and the small retaining walls placed at the inlet or outlet of a storm water pipe.


The city now has $3.3 million in its storm water accrual account, reported North Fulton News.

Upon establishing an exact extent of service, Johns Creek would be responsible for public streets and rights-of-way, public and city-owned property piped drainage system or easement in residential areas connected to the public road system, according to North Fulton News. 

Although the city has the right to access some of the privately owned storm water facilities for inspection and enforcement, maintenance would fall on the shoulders of the property owner.

According to city administrators, more staff is needed to shift to a more proactive approach to storm water administration.

Assistant City Manager Kimberly Greer presented the mayor and council with three options to set up a municipal storm water administration system at a Jan. 11 work session.

The first option would be to increase city staff and insource the work. The second option would be to alter the city’s contract with Jacobs Engineering to make the storm water utility a division of the Public Works Department. A third option would be to bid out the services to other companies.

The majority of the council and the city staff are leaning towards an amended contract with Jacobs.

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