Oct 12, 2020

Editorial Letter: The Value of Water

This editorial letter originally appeared in SWS October 2020 issue as "The Value of Water"

Katie Johns

What would your day look like without water? What if you couldn’t shower? What if you couldn’t brush your teeth? Or cook? Or do laundry? Well, this month, Imagine a Day Without Water challenges us to think about this exactly. While Imagine a Day Without Water might happen once this month, October 21, the question of what our lives would look like without water is something we should ponder more than once a year. 

This year, communities across the U.S. and the world are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, and some water professionals are on the frontline of doing so to keep safe, clean water flowing to residents. Additionally, in the U.S., social and economic inequities are heightened, and access to clean water is not guaranteed. As the Imagine a Day Without Water website states, “a day without water is a public health and safety crisis.” As we continue to battle the coronavirus, it has become only more prevalent how vital access to clean water is. 

To continue the message of Imagine a Day Without Water, myself and fellow hosts of the Talking Under Water Podcast, Bob Crossen, senior managing editor of Water & Wastes Digest, and Lauren Del Ciello, managing editor of Water Quality Products, have set up a special series highlighting the value of water. These four episodes include interviews with Radhika Fox, the CEO for the U.S. Water Alliance, and voices from the community and utility aspects of water. You can find all the episode at https://www.estormwater.com/talkingunderwater. I hope you’ll listen and learn with us.

About the author

Katie Johns, Managing Editor, [email protected]