Mar 15, 2021

Georgetown County, South Carolina's City Council Cuts Funding for Storm Water

Residents are dealing with persistent flooding in Georgetown County, South Carolina

storm water

Georgetown County, South Carolina’s city council cut funding for storm water for the second year in a row. 

Georgetown County residents voiced their concerns Feb. 23 on a virtual call about how the 2014 Capital Project Sales Tax surplus will be spent. The surplus amounts to a total of $12.5 million and each council member received $1 million to spend on capital projects in their district, reported the Post and Courier.

11 community members spoke in opposition of the ordinance, reported the Post and Courier, asking for it to be deferred. Proper flood drainage and parks for children to play in were key points the community members directed the attention of the council to.

According to Tracy Jones, the county’s storm water division manager, the budget was lower for 2021 because Director of Public Works Ray Funnye and County Administrator Angela Christian did not approve some planned projects, reported the Post and Courier.  

So far the county has focused on funding other projects this year including library renovations.

Some of the other unapproved projects are drainage improvements on Boyle Drive in Litchfield. The county is currently working to get the permissions for this project, according to public information officer Jackie Broach, reported Post and Courier. 

Planning for the 2022 budget has already begun and several departments already submitted their budgets. These budgets will come before council in late April.

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