Apr 10, 2020

Hannibal Officials Prepare for Flood Season

As flood season approaches, emergency management officials in Hannibal are taking precautions

flood control

Emergency management officials in Hannibal, Missouri said they do not know when the flood gates downtown will be coming out.

Officials are hoping that the river levels continue to trend downward. 

"We're going to be going into a year starting July 1, new budget year, and with the stores and businesses all closed, it is going to have an impact on revenues," said Marion County Emergency Management Director John Hark.

While there is not a timeline on when the gates will be removed, according to Hark, hydrographs show the water is trending down.

Hannibal Board of Public Works Storm Water Supervisor Mathew Munzlinger said when the riverfront is around 20 feet, which it is now, that they will get equipment into position.

"With a little bit rain it can jump quite a bit, so we want to have equipment in the right location so we're not prevented from getting it there," said Munzlinger.

A concern is that one of the major access points is flooded now, however, reported WGEM. A bid is in for a temporary repair.

Concerns about the storm sewer getting backed up again will become serious if the river is set to crest above 22 feet.

The board of public works accepted a bid for just under $52,000 for a temporary repair on that storm drain last month, reported WGEM. Ideally, the river would have to be below 12 feet before those repairs could be made.

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