Dec 20, 2019

Industry News Week 12/20/19

The Kraken Membrane Water Filter received Washington Ecology TAPE GULD approval.

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Kraken Water Filter Receives Washington Ecology TAPE GULD Approval

The Kraken Membrane Filter is the newest storm water solution to receive performance recognition and certification from the Washington State Department of Ecology, according to a press release

Washington Ecology’s Technology Acceptance Protocol – Ecology (TAPE) has granted General Use Level Designation (GULD) treatment approval for Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and Total Phosphorus (TP).

Sanexen Water Aqua-Pipe Liner Withstands Extreme Seismic and Flooding Conditions

Testing at Cornell University's large-scale Lifelines Testing Facility confirmed that SANEXEN's Aqua-Pipe technology does not rupture during rigorous simulated in-ground earthquake scenarios.

SANEXEN Environmental Services Inc. partnered with a group of North America's leading environmental public and municipal utility services and the research team at Cornell University's School of Civil and Environmental Engineering to subject Aqua-Pipe to a series of extreme seismic force testing. 

"These results far exceed what we had expected for Aqua-Pipe resilience through this testing," said President and CEO of LOGISTEC Environmental Services Inc. and SANEXEN Kevin Bourbonnais. “And, most importantly, communities and cities now have a clear and proven solution that can protect and secure their underground lifelines with certainty for everyday use and in cases of extreme seismic activity."

Federal Budget Supports Great Lakes, Clean Water Funding

Great Lakes restoration and clean water programs received support in the final federal budget, released by the U.S. House and Senate, according to a press release

The fiscal year 2020 budget increases funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which is the first increase for the program in ten years. It also provides new investments in clean water and drinking water infrastructure programs.

“This budget is good news for the Great Lakes and the 30 million Americans who depend on them for their drinking water, jobs and way of life,” said Laura Rubin, director of the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition. “Federal investments are producing results, but serious threats remain, such as polluted runoff, invasive species and toxic pollution. This budget acknowledges those threats and the work that we still need to do.”

According to the press release, the budget includes:

  • $320 million for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative to restore habitat, clean up toxic pollution and fight invasive species

  • $1.64 billion for the Clean Water State Revolving Fund to help communities fix and upgrade wastewater infrastructure

  • $1.13 billion for the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund to help communities fix and upgrade drinking water infrastructure