Jul 29, 2020

Naples Seeks Storm Water Quality Improvements Feedback

Naples is seeking public input about proposed water quality improvements to three storm water lakes

water quality

Naples, Florida is seeking input from the public about proposed water quality improvements to three storm water lakes within the city. 

Public comment on the proposed improvements to the three lakes will be taken through Aug. 2 at napleslakesimprovement.com.

One of the lakes is along 15th Avenue North near Fleischmann Park and the other two lakes, Spring Lake and East Lake, are south of Fifth Avenue South and west of Cambier Park, reported Naples Daily News

The city is proposing to dredge all three lakes and remove exotic plants, according to the city. Native aquatic plants are proposed along a portion of Spring Lake and the 15th Avenue North lake to form a littoral shelf as well. 

Floating islands are also being considered for Spring Lake and the 15th Avenue North lake. The wetland plantings in the middle of the lakes aim to help target nutrients in the water.

“There are various improvements that are being proposed that will ultimately improve the pollutant removal efficiency of these ponds,” said Katie Laakkonen, project manager and environmental specialist for the city of Naples. “The purpose of these ponds are to not only mitigate flooding, but to treat storm water and to keep pollutants from traveling downstream to our natural water bodies." 

Spring Lake stores, treats and directs storm water to East Lake, which discharges into Naples Bay. The 15th Avenue North Lake discharges storm water into filter marshes, which travels to the Gordon River, according to the city. 

“These projects are necessary for the health of the lake to function as it was originally intended as a storm water management feature,” said Andrew Holland, an engineering manager with the city’s streets and storm water department.

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