Mar 20, 2020

Newark Launches Storm Water Park Name Contest

Delaware officials are now in the process of determining a name for the former Rodney dorm complex

storm water pond

After years of planning, the storm water pond and park at the site of Delaware's former Rodney dorms is designed. 

Voters approved borrowing $9 million to fund it, reported the Newark Post Online. The dorms have been demolished and construction of the park will begin soon.

City officials are now in the process of determining a name for the former University of Delaware's Rodney dorm complex.

“We haven’t determined a name for the Rodney project yet, aside from ‘the Rodney project,’ which doesn’t have the staying power we’re looking for,” said City Manager Tom Coleman.

Coleman and city council are turning to the public for suggestions. Potential names for the park can be submitted here through March 26.

City officials will review the suggestions and submit six finalists to city council for approval before putting the finalists up for a public vote, according to the Newark Post Online.

“We’re trying to avoid Parky McParkface or whatever else would come out of a general solicitation,” Coleman said.

Proper names will not be considered, according to city officials. This means that the park will not be named for a person and that restriction includes references to Caesar Rodney, city spokeswoman Jayme Gravell said.

The person who submitted the winning name will earn a $100 gift card to be used for Newark Parks & Recreation programs.

Mayor Jerry Clifton suggests that the name should somehow acknowledge UD’s history at the site.

“We ended up getting that parcel for just over $1 million,” said Clifton. “That parcel had a real value to the university of over $10 million. I think there should be some homage paid to the university for their donation to this, and I will call it a donation.”

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