Jun 22, 2020

North Carolina to Need Storm Water Fixes Before State Audit

The town of Wendell, North Carolina must improve its storm water system before a state audit

storm water

The town of Wendell, North Carolina must completely map its storm water system and improve its maintenance program to comply with state regulations. 

The town could face financial penalties if improvements are not made, following a planned 2022 audit of the town’s storm water program, reported Wake Weekly. The town must comply with the regulations and U.S. EPA regulations as part of the state’s storm water permitting process.

The town has a fledgling storm water program, according to Public Works Director Brian Bray. Several improvements have been made over the last few years, however. The town is hiring a storm water manager who will be in charge of day-to-day operations as well as overseeing the program.

Consulting firm Withers Ravenel was hired to review Wendell’s compliance with the regulations ahead of the state audit. 

“The good news is that Wendell staff and leadership are already taking steps toward compliance,” said Lars Hagen, vice-president and director of storm water at Withers Ravenel.

Important improvement include halting the illicit discharge detection and elimination measures, reported Wake Weekly. Wendell will also have to complete proactive inspections that are documented along with maintenance.

It is also recommended that the town have inspections and maintenance programs in place for each town-owned property. 

The first question on the audit form will ask to show Wendell has adequate funding and staffing in its storm water program, which the town may have trouble with, added Hagen. He adds that Wendell should complete an overall budget analysis and a utility rate study to prepare.

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