Sep 22, 2020

North Carolina Town Seeks Storm Water Proposals

Emerald Isle, North Carolina is seeking proposals from firms to develop a storm water management master plan

storm water management

Emerald Isle, North Carolina is seeking proposals from firms to develop a storm water management master plan.

The request for proposals went up on the Emerald Isle website recently after the town planning board discussed the idea and a plan to revamp storm water control rules.

“Recent flooding events have highlighted the need to address storm water drainage issues on a comprehensive Town-wide basis,” said the website’s proposal notice. “To this end, the Town is pursuing the creation of a storm water master plan to guide storm water improvements over the next 30 years.”

According to the Emerald Isle website notice, the firm awarded the contract is expected to:

  • Evaluate existing storm water runoff conditions, existing system capacity and identify areas with frequent flooding;
  • Evaluate existing capacity of storm water infrastructure, pumping stations and identify additional capacity needs;
  • Identify capital storm water improvements to reduce flooding risk, reduce damage to public and private property and improve access and safety;
  • Quantify the capital and ongoing maintenance costs for implementing the storm water infrastructure projects.
  • Identify permitting pathways to implement storm water system improvements; And
  • Prioritize storm water system improvements.

The town will provide the chosen company existing data for the storm water system as well as a list of flood complaints from property owners and residents.

Planning Director Josh Edmondson said he hopes to present the planning board a proposed rewritten storm water management ordinance for consideration this fall.

The rewrite would likely include a requirement that storm water plans submitted for new developments be signed by an engineer.

Approximately 70% of the lots in town have been built upon and those that remain undeveloped are marginal in terms of suitability. Redevelopment has been occurring, replacing smaller old homes with larger ones, increasing impervious surface and thus storm water runoff.

According to the Emerald Isle website, the town has a number of storm water collection systems. Some of these pump water into Emerald Isle Woods Park and others store the water in ponds or pump to canals that empty into Bogue Sound.

Interested firms should submit proposals no later than 2:00 pm on Oct. 7, 2020.

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