Aug 13, 2020

Pennsylvania Borough Seeks Storm Water Overflow Improvements

Aspinwall, Pennsylvania is seeking improvements to reduce storm water overflow

storm water pennsylvania

Aspinwall, Pennsylvania is seeking to make improvements to a section of Alley A to help reduce storm water overflow.

The cost of the project is $268,660, reported the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

The work will target a section of Alley A from Center to Western avenues and is expected to start in the near future, according to Manager Melissa O’Malley. The project will include road reconstruction with new interlocking brick. Aspinwall borough was awarded a $100,000 grant from 3 Rivers Wet Weather for addressing these overflow problems.

“This type of project helps to diminish the extraneous water that needs to be conveyed to and treated by ALCOSAN,” said Tracy Schubert, public outreach manager for 3 Rivers Wet Weather. “It reduces the potential sewer overflows that can result in basement backups, and it also lessens the pollutants entering the region’s waterways.”

Schubert believes the project will not only benefit residents but that it will help with addressing storm water issues as a whole throughout southwestern Pennsylvania.

Aspinwall will pay for the balance of the Alley A project, according to O’Malley, but an ALCOSAN GROW grant may be approved and can assist with covering the costs in the future.

A similar project was created in 2017, at the opposite end of Alley A, costing more than $300,000. This work included removing asphalt and bricking the entire stretch between Brilliant and Eastern avenues, reported the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. For that project, two small rain gardens were installed, as well as 3 feet of sub-base under the interlocking pavers to help drain the water runoff.

The borough received $165,000 from ALCOSAN to help pay for the work.

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