Jan 21, 2021

South Carolina County Collects Storm Water Data from Tall Pines Area

Berkeley County, South Carolina is collecting storm water data from tall pines area to improve drainage

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Berkeley County, South Carolina is embarking on a storm water drainage system improvement project. 

Information and data will be collected at various locations in the Tall Pines area in order to make improvements to the storm water drainage system.

According to county officials, crews will be in the field Jan. 25 to March 5, 2021 in order to gather data. There are approximately 183 affected properties, reported the Berkeley Observer. 

Bowman Consulting Group members will be part of the storm water data collection, performing the field work, and field personnel will collect data by taking measurements and making observations using GPS or survey equipment and cameras, according to the county.

The properties cover the area from upstream of Wisteria Street to the upstream end of the I-26 culvert and from the downstream end of the I-26 culvert to its junction at Limehouse Branch.

Approximately 8,200 linear feet will be inspected. 

A notification letter will be provided to citizens with inquiries during time of inspection, according to county officials.

According to the letter, capital projects on the storm water management system are conducted to enhance storm water drainage associated with increased urbanization. This includes increased storm water impacts, stream and shoreline erosion, water quality degradation, and loss of natural resources.

The property owners affected by this are asked to allow Bowman Consulting Group’s field personnel to access their properties’ storm water system components for the purpose of data collection, according to the letter.

More questions or more information can be found by contacting Berkeley County Stormwater at 843-719-4195 or [email protected].

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