Jul 22, 2020

Tropical Storm Gonzalo Forms

Tropical Storm Gonzalo has formed in the Atlantic Ocean

tropical storm

The seventh system in the 2020 hurricane season has become a named storm, now known as Tropical Storm Gonzalo, according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center.

The system set a record for the earliest named seventh tropical storm of the Atlantic hurricane season. Tropical Storm Gert, which formed on July 24, 2005, which was the former record holder.

According to forecasters, they have not predicted a landfall location for Tropical Storm Gonzalo, reported NBC Miami.

Wednesday morning, the depression was centered about 1,250 miles east of the Southern Windward Islands, according to the U.S. NHC. At 9 a.m. EDT, it had maximum sustained winds of 45 mph and was moving west-northwest at 12 mph.

There are currently no coastal watches or warnings for the depression, added the NHC. In 2020, Cristobal, Danielle, Edouard and Fay have all set records for being the earliest named storms of their respective place in the alphabet, reported NBC Miami.

A tropical wave is also in the central Gulf of Mexico and has a 40% chance of tropical development over the next two to five days, added the NHC. There is no expected impact to impact South Florida, but the central and western Gulf of Mexico will be kept under close watch.

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