Sep 24, 2020

Underground Vault System Aids in Michigan Project

The Studio Park project introduced the world to the brand new Triton Vault System.

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The Studio Park project was an opportunity to introduce the world to the brand new Triton Vault System. The vault system was created to save money in a variety of ways.

In addition to saving money on excavation, stone, labor and haul away; the manufacturer was also able to save the owner (Studio C) and contractor (Velting Contractors) a significant amount of money by eliminating the costly treatment device initially called out on the design. Triton's vault system forebay design saved the project nearly $30,000. 

Project Challenges

The Studio Park project presented a number of obstacles, most notably its tight footprint and limited access. The underground storm water management system needed to fit in the middle of three buildings that were already under construction. Only one side of the project field was accessible to any and all equipment. The vault system is efficiently packaged on pallets that can be moved with a forklift. Individual vault parts are light enough to carry, which made getting the product to the work sight easy. 

Another project challenge was the amount of storage needed with a very specific depth requirement due to the outlet structure. Because the vault system only requires a minimum section height of 48 inches, utilizing a small footprint, the engineers on this project (James Maier of Triton and Brandon Simon of Nederveld Engineering) were able to use the vault system to overcome the depth challenge without changing the outlet structure. Requiring less excavation and less stone, the vault system utilized fewer trucks and had less haul away, which helped the contractors that were dealing with the regulations regarding the blocking of city streets. 

The vault system was a suitable solution for the challenges on this project. The end result is a usable green space for apartment dwellers, customers to the Studio Park shops and big screen cinema viewings under the stars.

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