Apr 29, 2020

Wisconsin Subdivision Sees Storm Water Improvements

A failed corrugated metal pipe is leading to storm water improvements 

storm water pipe

A plan to solve storm water issues in the Chateau Eau Plaines Subdivision, Wisconsin is needed due to a failed corrugated metal pipe.

Following a nearly four-hour virtual public hearing with 79 residents in attendance online, the Village Board unanimously approved a final resolution for the construction of public improvements. The total cost is nearly $3 million, reported Kenosha News.

The individual bills to each of the affected homeowners will go out in August and September of 2022. The full amount of the assessment is payable by Oct. 21, 2022 and an installation plan that covers 10 years of equal payments begins Jan. 31, 2023.

The subdivision dates to the 1970s, reported Kenosha News. 

“We’ve seen this issue come up over and over,” said Village Board President Steinbrink. “I’ve seen 79th Street look like it’s a flood area out of New Orleans with the furniture and discarded mattresses lying on the side of the road. It’s not going away. It’s not going to get better without us taking the appropriate action to make this project work.”

Planning for the subdivision dates to when Pleasant Prairie was a town and it was handled by Kenosha County and the developer, added Steinbrink.

According to information provided to residents about the construction plan, the key points include:

  • An elliptical diameter storm sewer and catch basins will be installed along 79th Street from 115th Street the existing duel cross culverts, just east of 112th Avenue.
  • The rear yard storm culvert between 112th and 115th Avenue will be abandoned, and a 12-inch PVC pipe will be placed within the existing metal culvert.
  • A 24-inch diameter storm sewer and catch basins will be installed along 79th Street from the duel cross culverts just east of 112th Avenue to 105th Street.
  • 18-, 15- and 12-inch diameter storm sewers will be installed along 107th Avenue between 79th and 82nd streets.
  • Sump pump laterals will be installed for homes fronting the storm sewer.
  • Roadside drainage swales will be regraded in select areas, along with culvert replacements.

In addition, the south half of 107th street between 82nd and 79th streets will be reconstructed. The roadway will be shifted west within the existing right-of-way to provide drainage ditches on both sides. This part of the project is being paid for through the village’s annual street paving program.

Any driveways damaged because of construction would be returned to their original state by the village.

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