Feb 27, 2020

South Carolina Residents & Developer Brainstorm Storm Water Solutions

South Carolina residents and a developer are working to ensure storm water safety amidst plans for a new housing development

storm water management

Horry County, South Carolina residents and leaders are discussing a new proposed neighborhood along Four Mile Road after a recent meeting.

Forest Beverly with Beverly Homes plans to turn a 129-acre lot into a residential community, reported WMBF News. The developer is assuring homeowners surrounding the property that the development would be planned out responsibly, but residents are still uneasy.

The fear of flooding and the area losing its rural feel were the top concerns amongst residents.

“When this first started, we were greatly concerned about the development,” said resident Jody Nyers. ”If they build it wisely and smartly then everybody wins in the end. I believe the developer has the best interest in mind of all of us, that’s what was stated tonight, so I guess we’ll see as time goes on.”

Attendees were able to look at the developer’s plans for the property and talk with the county’s storm water management team, however.

A new task force that will focus on storm water management and flooding solutions was also announced at the meeting.

To address flooding concerns on the Waller Farm property, the developer has cut back on the number of homes being built and increased the lot sizes, reported WMBF News. Five additional retention ponds will also be built to collect storm water.

Before homes can be built, Horry County Council must approve the rezoning ordinance, however.

Council has already approved the first two readings and the third and final meeting will take place in two weeks on Mar. 10.

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