Sep 29, 2020

6 Virginia Storm Water Projects to Cost $17 Million

Falls Church, Virginia is planning for six new storm water mitigation projects 

storm water mitigation

The City of Falls Church is executing six new storm water projects deemed critical for storm water mitigation. 

Overall, these projects are projected to cost $17 million, reported Falls Church News-Press.

The projects are recommended by the city’s Stormwater Task Force, as well as another four smaller projects around the city. The six projects will mitigate storm water impacts on 48 homes in the city.

According to Zak Bradley, acting director of the City’s Department of Public Works, no action by the Council is needed right now, but will require votes associated with the adoption of a new Capital Improvements budget for Fiscal Year 2022 in the spring.

Mayor David Tarter said at the virtual Council work session that “it is a fundamental obligation of the government to prevent flooding,” reported Falls Church News-Press. 

Other council members expressed concerns about a financial burden being put on all city taxpayers to benefit so few homes. They mentioned that the annual cost for the average taxpayer will grow from $239 now to $460 by 2026.

The estimated cost will be $12 million if bonded for 20 years and $17 million if bonded for 30 years.

According to the council, mitigation efforts will only be effective for 10 year floods. So far, Falls Church has received notifications of 29 weather events so far this year. 

The six projects are the following: the so-called Harrison Branch on E. Columbia for $1.7 million, the Trammel Branch for $1.8 million, the Hillwood #2 near Shady Lane for $711,000, the Hillwood #1 (Ives Branch) between Brook Dr. and Cleave Dr. for $1.3 million, Sherrow Avenue/Tripps Run off S. Virginia for $1+ million and the Lincoln Avenue/Ellison Branch at Walnut for $743,000.

The smaller projects already underway are on Midvale, Ellison at the Railroad Cottages, Poplar at S. Spring and Wrens Branch at Underwood and Columbia, reported Falls Church News-Press.

The Lincoln project would be completed in Fiscal Year 2022 and the two Hillwood projects in Fiscal Year 2023 and the rest in Fiscal Year 2024. The four smaller projects are all due to be completed this fiscal year.

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