Jun 24, 2019

Arkansas Industrial Storm Water Permit Reminder

Permit holders must submit recertification to comply with requirements

Permit holders must submit recertification to comply with requirements

The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) reminded that industrial storm water general permits (IGP) will expire June 30, 2019.

According to JD Supra, permit holders “must submit a Recertification Notice of Intent by June 30” and the “ADEQ IGP is ARR000000.” The storm water permit program includes three types: industrial storm water, municipal storm sewer and construction storm water permits.  

A general permit may be used when discharge is similar, and also when “the standard set of permit requirements can provide environmental protection and comply with water quality standards for discharges.” According to JD Supra, the IGP is designed for coverage of facilities or operations of an industry or commercial type facility.

The IGP includes industrial activities such as timber products, asphalt paving, primary metals, oil and gas expansion, and automobile salvage yards. Permits must be reissued every five years, according to JD Supra; therefore, the Arkansas IGP can be a reissuance or a permit renewal.

Facilities under IGP requirements are required to submit recertification to continue coverage. For example, a Notice of Intent. According to JD Supra, “Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans must be updated and modified to reflect facility changes and new additional permitting requirements (if any).”

ADEQ’s reminder can be viewed here.