Storm Water Quality Unit Granted Indianapolis Approval

First Defense vortex separator meets the regulatory design requirements

Hydro Intl.’s First Defense vortex separator has received approval from the city of Indianapolis for use as a storm water quality unit, demonstrating its ability to meet the regulatory design requirements.  

Following rigorous third party testing and verification, the First Defense is one of a few devices approved for use in an online configuration in Indianapolis.  This reflects confidence in the internal by-pass arrangement of the First Defense, which can accommodate higher flow rates without the risk of washing out the sediments and pollutants captured in the device, or causing surface water flooding.

“The city’s requirement for storm water devices to meet a minimum 75-year design life was a particularly important—underground storm water devices need to be robust to resist degradation in the extreme temperatures experienced in Indiana. Hydro was able to demonstrate that the First Defense will perform robustly in the extremes of cold and heat experienced in Indiana across the seasons, in common with all the ‘Great Lakes’ states,” explained Lisa Lemont, business development manager of Hydro’s U.S. Stormwater division

Suitable for both new development and retrofit sites, The First Defense is an enhanced vortex separator that can easily be fitted into standard 4- and 6-ft manholes and configured into an existing drainage line. Its design prevents pollutant washout at up to 500% of its treatment flow, which can eliminate the need to specify more costly “offline” arrangements that use separate junction manholes. 

Hydro Intl.

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