Oct 19, 2021

Bucher Municipal CityCat V20e All-Electric Compact Street Sweeper

Bucher Municipal CityCat V20e All-Electric Compact Street Sweeper

Introducing the Bucher Municipal CityCat V20e all- electric compact street sweeper.

Welcome to improved suction, enhanced connectivity, increased comfort and, ever-important, sustainability.

Key specifications:

  • Articulated steering
  • 2.3 ton payload
  • 10ʺ sweeping width
  • 63 kWh automotive Li-ion battery 
  • 2.6 yd³ hopper volume
  • 112 gallon water volume
  • PM 2.5/10 star certified

Usable around the clock, the second-generation electric-powered sweeper delivers an outstanding load capacity for outstanding sweep performance while being respectful to its surroundings.

Learn more: https://bmna.info/CityCatV20e


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Bucher Municipal


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