Dec 04, 2017

Subsurface Detention Allows Pennsylvania Brewery to Grow

Detention system allows Penn., brewery to grow

Tröegs Independent Brewing is a craft brewery founded in 1996 in Harrisburg, Pa. After outgrowing its Harrisburg location, the company moved its operation to a new 90,000-sq-ft brewery in Hershey, Pa., in 2011. In addition to its brewing facilities, the plant features a 5,000-sq-ft taproom where fresh Tröegs beer is served to the public.

Since moving into its Hershey brewery, Tröegs has continued to grow, but it could not expand its parking area to keep pace—much of the site’s developable land was being used as a surface detention pond.

The brewery partnered with design firm RGS Associates to develop a solution. The firm suggested transforming the detention pond into a subsurface detention facility, allowing the parking lot to expand into this area. However, the development project would not be simple. The site’s geologic composition makes it prone to sinkholes, so RGS had to conduct specialized hydrologic modeling in order to ensure that the installation would not adversely affect the land around it. In addition, the water in the detention system would need to meet NPDES permit standards before it could be discharged; this required the use of several BMPs—including vegetated swales, water quality pretreatment structures, underground storage and a hydrodynamic separator—to reduce total suspended solids, phosphorus and nitrogen.

“The overall drainage area to this property is very large and considered a flood-prone area,” said Len Bradley, the project’s manager and supervisor of engineering for RGS Associates. “Our team was able to provide a cost-effective solution for the client which met all regulatory requirements while also addressing the greater regional issues of the area.”

Contractor Pyramid Construction began work on the project in early March 2017. It was completed in late July 2017.

“This project is really a win-win-win,” said Chris Trogner, co-founder and co-owner (along with his brother John) of Tröegs Independent Brewing. “Visitors to the brewery have much more room to park, ingredient deliveries are streamlined, and the underground retention helps improve the quality of water that ends up in our local streams and, eventually, in the Chesapeake Bay. We’re really proud of this project.”

Project Year:
Contractor: Pyramid Construction
Designers: RGS Associates
Owner: Chris Trogner
Location: Hershey, Pa.
Size: 2.7 acres