Sep 16, 2014

Taking Raleigh by Storm(water) Stormwater and Environmental Seminar

Raleigh, NC

The National Precast Concrete Assn. is sponsoring the “Taking Raleigh by Storm(water) Stormwater and Environmental Seminar,” Nov. 14 from 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Featuring expert speakers addressing local issues, this storm water and environmental seminar covers current and up-and-coming storm water regulations, technologies, research and development projects and other topics directly affecting storm water management. In addition, it will provide a better understanding of codes and regulations for engineers, designers, specifiers and owners. The goal of this one-day seminar is to provide attendees with cost-effective solutions for local storm water issues. The seminar will be held at North Carolina State University’s McKimmon Conference and Training Center. Up to four professional development hours (PDHs) are available.

Sessions Include:

Combining Green and Gray Technologies for Stormwater Management

Speaker: Ryan Winston, P.E., Extension Associate, North Carolina State University

North Carolina's New Approach to Low Impact Development (LID)

Speaker: Annette M. Lucas, P.E., North Carolina Division of Energy, Mineral

Case Study: The Super Bowl Pedestrian Promenade

Speaker: Ronald E. Thornton, P.E., Precast Concrete Association of New York

What's New with NCDOT'S Highway Stormwater Program

Speakers: Andrew McDaniel, P.E., NCDOT Highway Stormwater Program and Brian Lipscomb, P.E., NCDOT Highway Stormwater Program