Mary Beth Nevulis is the managing editor of Storm Water Solutions. Nevulis can be reached at [email protected]
Jul 29, 2014

Tell Us About Your Water Projects

If you read this blog every week, you already know that Storm Water Solutions features a Top Projects program to showcase the best of the best in storm water and erosion control projects. But did you also know that our sister publication, Water & Wastes Digest, also features a Top Projects program?

The WWD Top Projects program recognizes notable facilities and innovative water and wastewater infrastructure upgrades. Now in its fifth year, the WWD 2014 Top Project Award program will honor its winners in the December 2014 Annual Reference Guide issue of WWD with a detailed project description of each winner. All entries must highlight a water or wastewater project that was in its design or construction phase over the last 18 months.

This is the last chance to nominate your water or wastewater project; nominations for the WWD program close this Friday, Aug. 1. Don't miss out, and don't forget to also submit your storm water and erosion control projects for the SWS program's Sept. 12 deadline, the winners of which will be recognized with a writeup and photo in the November/December 2014 issue of SWS.