Apr 10, 2014

Terra Novo Gains New Distributor

Brock White will distribute EarthGuard, Terra Nova’s line of erosion-control products

Terra Novo Distributor Brock White EarthGuard Erosion Control Products

Brock White, an upper Midwest-based construction materials supplier, is the newest distributor of EarthGuard, Terra Nova’s line of erosion-control products.

Terra Novo's complete EarthGuard product line provides erosion control, reclamation and revegetation solutions at a competitive price. Developed using a hands-on approach by Terra Novo's engineers and chemists, EarthGuard is a spray-on emulsion specially formatted to reduce erosion and sediment runoff. Brock White will offer EarthGuard and EarthGuard Fiber Matrix, a pre-packaged one-step solution that combines EarthGuard and wood/cellulose fiber, in 29 of its stores spanning Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin in the U.S. and the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario in Canada.

"Brock White is an ideal distribution partner that will help expand our presence in the upper Midwest and Canada," says Scott Harrison, founder and president of Terra Novo. "The results offered by EarthGuard are ideal for these regions, and we are happy to work with a knowledgeable distributor who will build awareness and get our products into the right hands."

Brock White is a construction materials supplier equally suited for both small and large contractors. Offering a robust line-up of construction materials, the company makes the ordering and delivery process easier, while providing excellent customer service.

"Terra Novo's EarthGuard products were designed with the needs of our target customer in mind," says Dan Larsen, product manager at Brock White. "The brand offers customers a reliable product at an affordable price point. We are happy to bring EarthGuard products into our stores."