Thirsty Duck Announces Distribution Deals

Pacts expand firm’s markets in Florida, Virginia and Oregon

Thirsty Duck LP has announced that its buoyant flow control technology products will now be available through three major U.S. manufacturing representatives: Heyward Inc. of Virginia, Heyward Florida Inc. and William H. Reilly & Co. Inc. of Oregon.

“I like to think that these successes are directly related to our company’s dedication to producing storm water solutions that are both scientifically viable and ecologically responsible,” said Thirsty Duck Chief Operating Officer Jon Moody. “And it’s really an amazing privilege to get to work with companies as reputable as Heyward [Virginia and Florida] and Reilly because they literally facilitate the evolution of industry standards through their work.”

“Each of these distributors has a long and successful history, and we couldn’t be happier with the opportunities that we now have to grow our markets together in Florida, in Virginia and [in] the Pacific Northwest,” said Thirsty Duck Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Shugrue.

“Thirsty Duck is a proprietary technology that finally offers incredible potential as a solution to the nonpoint source pollution problem that we face here in Florida,” said Heyward Florida Inc. Vice President Greg Chomic. “It is a win-win product that offers us an incredible business opportunity while saving our customers money and, more importantly, protecting Florida’s water environment.”

Thirsty Duck

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