Thirsty Duck LP Announces Canadian Partnership

Thirsty Duck secures Canadian distribution deal with John Meunier Inc.

Thirsty Duck LP secured an agreement with John Meunier Inc. to represent and distribute their products in Canada. Based in Montreal and with offices across Canada, John Meunier Inc. is the leading supplier of flow control products to the stormwater industry in Canada.

“John Meunier Inc. is an industry leader and an outstanding organization.  We are thrilled to be working with them in Canada,” says Brian Shugrue, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Thirsty Duck, LP.

“With increasingly complex regulations and design standards, there is a greater need for innovative solutions. The engineering and regulatory community in Canada has become aware of the significant role buoyant flow technology can play in improving the efficiency of storm water controls. John Muenier Inc. was the obvious choice for Thirsty Duck given their vast experience and dominance in the market place for storm water flow control solutions,” said Jon Moody, chief operating officer for Thirsty Duck LP.

Gianfranco Maragno, team leader, Hydrovex at John Meunier Inc. commented, "John Meunier Inc. is proud to represent Thirsty Duck's line of buoyant flow control devices in Canada. This game changing technology allows us to broaden our product offering and provide the storm water industry with new solutions."

Thirsty Duck LP

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