Feb 20, 2018

It's Not Easy Being Green: Design, Development, Testing & Approval of an Environmentally Friendly Storm Water Treatment System

Biopod tree module

March 20, 2018 

2 p.m. EST

The development of innovative storm water treatment and storage technologies is a rigorous, time-consuming and expensive process. But the result can be a system that optimally balances water quality, treatment or storage capacity, an extended service life, ease of maintenance, and affordability. This presentation will focus on the development, testing, and regulatory approval of the environmentally friendly BioPod™ storm water treatment system - Oldcastle Precast storm water’s second generation natural biofilter.

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Learning Objectives:

Participants will gain an understanding of the many steps required to advance storm water treatment technology, from development work in the laboratory, to verification in the field and final regulatory approval and application.

Speaker Bio:

Jay Holtz, PE, is Director of Engineering at Oldcastle Precast Storm Water. His engineering background is in hydrology and hydraulics, with a career that spans more than 30 years working for firms associated with the design and application of storm water treatment and storage systems, including: as a contractor with Peter Kiewit Construction; as a designer with CH2M Hill; as a regulator with Clean Water Services in Washington County, Ore.; and as a manufacturer’s technical lead with Oldcastle Precast Storm Water. This breadth of experience gives him a unique perspective and understanding of each party's water quality needs and goals. Based in Portland, Ore., he can be contacted at [email protected].

Company Profile:

Oldcastle Precast Storm Water offers a complete line of storm water detention, retention, infiltration, treatment and harvesting systems as well as other infrastructure-related precast concrete structures. All products are manufactured in our 50-plus company-owned facilities located across the country where we control the entire manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished goods. Whether your site needs a simple detention system to prevent storm drain overload, a groundwater recharge system for Low-Impact Development (LID), a storm water treatment system to improve water quality, or a complete storm water harvesting system, Oldcastle Storm Water will provide your ideal solution. From the start of construction to the completion of your project, Oldcastle Precast Storm Water offers a turn-key approach to meet all your storm water management needs.


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