Feb 07, 2018

Soquel, Calif., Considers Storm Water Runoff to Recharge Groundwater

The water district is looking at two golf course sites as funnels to the dwindling groundwater basin

California district looks at golf course for storm water funnel

The Soquel Creek Water District (SCWD) of Soquel, Calif., plans to consider two Seascape golf courses as possible sites to funnel storm water runoff into the district’s groundwater basin. Following storm water runoff quality testing completed in Nov. 2017, the SCWD has recommended the two golf courses for the potential storm water reclamation initiative.

According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, the project would aim to funnel and treat the storm water runoff at the sites before injecting the treated storm water into the groundwater basin. The initiative comes at an essential time as Soquel currently draws from the groundwater basin faster than rainfall recharges the supplies.

“The goal of the project is to take storm water that would normally run off into the ocean and redirect it into the ground, where it can help recharge our groundwater basin and possibly help prevent seawater intrusion,” said Conservation and Customer Service Field Manager Shelley Flock. “There could also be other substantial benefits to this program. It could provide better flood control and also improved water quality.”