May 22, 2014

Underground Storm Water Detention System Constructed at National Cemetery

Designers use Oldcastle’s Storm Capture at Quantico National Cemetery in Virginia

Oldcastle Precast Underground Storm Water Detention Quantico Cemetery

Oldcastle Precast provided Storm Capture as a solution for the underground storm water detention system at the new administration building site at Quantico National Cemetery in Triangle, Va. The new administration building expansion, just inside the cemetery’s entrance gates on Joplin Road in Triangle, includes about 4,500 sq ft of office and administrative space and a covered portico of about 2,500 sq ft.  

For civil designer AMEC Environment & Infrastructure, Kennesaw, Ga., key concerns were to control runoff from newly constructed impervious surfaces preventing storm drain overloading, and other downstream issues such as flooding and erosion, and to achieve this with minimal footprint on the compact project site. AMEC specified Oldcastle Precast’s Storm Capture storm water detention system to manage the post-construction storm water runoff.

The precast concrete storm water detention structure, supplied by Oldcastle Precast, included 16, 7 x 15 x7 ft tall precast, detention modules and an integrated outlet control structure. The underground, high-strength structural concrete storage modules, which were installed in the early fall of 2013, provided 12,336 cu ft of underground detention, and the outlet control structure provided controlled discharge and overflow capabilities. The Storm Capture modules incorporated several inlet pipes, as well as four manway access points to allow maintenance access into the storm water management system. An impermeable, polyethylene membrane was used to wrap the Storm Capture module assembly to provide a 100% watertight system.

WC Spratt, Fredericksburg, Va., installed the Storm Capture system for general contractor Leebcor Services LLC, Williamsburg, Va., and the architect for the project was Matrix Settles of Arlington, Va.

Comprised of 725 acres, Quantico National Cemetery is a military cemetery for veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces and was established in 1983 adjacent to the Marine Corps Base Quantico.

The Storm Capture Total Stormwater Management System offers many solutions for storm water management needs: detention, retention, treatment and harvesting using a combination of many parts designed to solve specific requirements.