Jun 25, 2012

Urban Drainage & Flood Control District Improves Water Quality

Business Review USA highlights Urban Drainage & Flood Control District's work in the Denver metro area

According to a Business Review article by Alexa Mokalis, a report in Business Review USA has executive director Paul Hindman discussing trendsetting initiatives driving the Urban Drainage & Flood Control District (UDFCD).

With the highest number of trails in the nation, the land surrounding the Denver Metro Area has been greatly improved through local governments in conjunction with initiatives carried out by the UDFCD.

“We have a philosophy that when we do projects, after we’re done we want to make them accessible to the public,” Hindman said. “As a result, the public has ownership of it, and the next step is they become stewards of the area.”

Read the article here: www.businessreviewusa.com/reports/the-urban-drainage-flood-control-district.