Apr 29, 2009

U.S. Army Corps Releases More Than $24 Million for Civil Works Projects in Iowa

ARRA funds to help fight impacts of 2008 flooding and improve waterways

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin announced April 28 that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has released $24,308,000 for 13 projects across Iowa.These funds are a part of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA), the economic recovery package. Senator Harkin helped to secure about $4.6 billion to the Corps for its Civil Works program.“Today we are still working to fight off the impact of the 2008 floods and also improving our vital waterways.” said Harkin. “These funds will allow Iowans to protect against further floods while improving the environment and putting Iowans to work building these needed projects.”Senator Harkin has been a strong proponent of Corps flood control, navigation and other projects for many years. He is a member of the Appropriations subcommittee that funds the Corps.The grants include:Cedar River Flood Study - $2.5 million. This study will provide both the city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and the Corps with vital information on moving forward with a comprehensive flood control strategy to prevent more historic funding.Clear Lake -$990,000. This grant will fund construction for aquatic restoration and increase the waterfowl usage of the marsh. Other goals include changing the hydrology of the marsh, increasing water quality related to habitat to promote vegetation growth and slowing the natural transition to an open marsh.Coralville Lake - $1,145,000. This multiple-purpose project will provide primary benefits in flood control and low-flow augmentation and secondary benefits in recreation, fish and wildlife management, forest management and water quality improvement. The conservation pool is 4,900 acres.Des Moines Flood Control - $3,336,000. This money will be used to help reconstruct a new Birdland Park and levee and for other levee and flood control work in Des Moines. Additional funding is likely to be allocated towards this project with stimulus funds.Iowa River at Iowa City - $194,000. Funds will help combat severe erosion of Dubuque Street and an adjacent bridge abutment for Park Road that, left unattended, will cause structural damage. Construction will stabilize both from further erosion.Lock and Dam 11 at Dubuque - $4,138,000. Workers will rehabilitate this deteriorating lock, built in 1930, and conduct ongoing maintenance. This is one of the last of the Upper Mississippi River locks and dams to be rehabilitated.Missouri River (Sioux City to the Mouth) - $3,050,000. This initiative will provide repair of dikes and revetments in the Missouri River to maintain entrainment of the river and provide a navigational channel in the Missouri River.Rathburn Lake - $5,805,000. The ARRA funding will support construction of needed public facilities, including a picnic shelter, restroom, hiking trails, hard-surfaced trails and more along Rathbun Lake. The money will also go toward the implementation phase and construction of shoreline restoration.Red Rock Dam and Lake Red Rock - $1 million. Similarly, this effort involves construction of needed public facilities, including a picnic shelter, restroom, hiking trails, hard-surfaced trails, and other facilities and amenities along Rathbun Lake.Saylorville Lake - $2 million. Funds will provide primary benefits in flood control, fish and wildlife management, forest management and water quality improvements.Upper Mississippi River Restoration - $150,000. This effort supports habitat restoration and complete construction of interior water control and revegetation of bottom land.