Jan 06, 2020

Van Nuys Blvd Green Street Project

groundwater recharge

Trash, sediments, heavy metals and fecal indicator bacteria are polluting the Los Angeles River. 

The surrounding areas lack efficient storm water infrastructure, so a project was developed for the city of Los Angeles Sanitation Environment (LASAN) to improve the quality of the Los Angeles River water to meet provisions of the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Permit. 

Project Manager Wing Tam said the project is part of LASAN’s Green Streets Initiative for the GSI Program, which aligns with the mayor’s sustainability plan and other watershed management plans to protect water quality in local water bodies, reduce flooding and improve water reliability and climate change resiliency. 

The project incorporated various green infrastructure elements, including 21 dry wells, nine bioswales and 11 porous concrete gutters. 

Tam said to meet standards, the project is designed to reduce localized flooding, remove pollutants, such as trash, metals and bacteria and increase groundwater recharge in the San Fernando Groundwater Basin, which is currently at less than 50% of its storage capacity. 

Tam said the team is most proud of the partnership between local and state agencies, the use of innovative materials and the simple yet modularized design. 

“LASAN feels that the project set a perfect industrial benchmark and demonstrated how a GSI project can be implemented (concept to completion) within 18 months,” Tam said. “Additionally, a one-year optimization (or start-up) phase is incorporated into project scope, which allows the project owner and contractor to ensure that the project performs as intended.” 

Project Year:
Contractor: GeoSyntec and El Camino Construction & Engineering Corp.
Designers: City of Los Angeles and GeoSyntec
Owner: City of Los Angeles
Location: Pacoima, Los Angeles, Calif.
Cost: $3.36 million
Size: 95 acre-ft per year