May 03, 2021

Dropping By #36 | Young Pros 2021 - Melissa Lanzara

Dropping By #36 | Young Pros 2021 - Melissa Lanzara

In this week’s episode of Dropping By, SWS Managing Editor Katie Johns is joined by Melissa Lanzara, a senior stormwater inspector with Parker Design Group.

Lanzara has extensive construction site experience and has obtained every Virginia DEQ storm water certification. In less than one year, Melissa has helped Parker Design grow its storm water group by 182% from the previous years. Melissa also participates in a regional storm water advisory committee and works with the Roanoke River Monitor Program to assess the conditions of the Roanoke River. In this interview, Johns and Lanzara talk about Lanzara’a career trajectory, goals and advice to others in the storm water industry.

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