Oct 19, 2020

SWS 2020 Top Projects: Collingwood 'SMART' Storm Water Project

SWS 2020 Top Projects: Collingwood 'SMART' Storm Water Project

From now through December, we will be featuring one of our 2020 Top Project winners every Monday. In this first interview in the series, Katie Johns, managing editor of Storm Water Solutions, is joined by Mark Palmer, president and CEO of Greenland Consulting and Eric Palmer, project manager for Greenland Consulting  to discuss the Collingwood 'SMART' Storm Water Project. 

Persistent storm water issues that affected residents in the town of Collingwood led this project team to develop a  work program involving homeowners to reduce inflows of storm water into the sanitary sewer system. The project’s main goal was to reduce the 90th percentile of rainfall resulting from a 24-hour event by 50%, but the project, submitted by Greenland Consulting, also sought to eliminate storm water runoff from private properties and reduce extraneous storm water inflows to the town’s wastewater treatment plant. 

The videos in this Top Project series will be presented in no particular order, except our final video, which will feature our #1 2020 Top Project.

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