Nov 02, 2020

SWS 2020 Top Projects: Lime Spring Square

SWS 2020 Top Projects: Lime Spring Square

In continuing to highlight the SWS 2020 Top Projects, SWS Managing Editor Katie Johns is joined by Len Bradley, supervisor of engineering and associate of RGS Associates to discuss the Lime Spring Square Project. 

The Lime Spring Square development features retail, commercial, warehousing and medical offices surrounding 11.5 acres of restored floodplain in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Floodplain restoration was implemented as the primary BMP to meet regulatory requirements, which included sediment removal to reconnect the stream channel with the floodplain, the creation of large areas of interconnected wetland habitats and the rehabilitation of groundwater interchange. 

The videos in this Top Project series will be presented in no particular order, except our final video, which will feature our #1 2020 Top Project.

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