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SWS 2020 Top Projects: Green Infrastructure Upgrades at Various Milwaukee Public Schools

From now through December, SWS will be featuring one of our 2020 Top Project winners every Monday. 

In this interview, SWS Managing Editor Katie Johns is joined by Kara Koch, senior project engineer with Stormwater Solutions Engineering to discuss a green infrastructure initiative at Milwaukee Public Schools. 

The green infrastructure upgrades at Milwaukee Public Schools project was a collaboration between the Milwaukee Public Schools and their green teams, who are redeveloping their schools to improve the environmental health and social wellbeing of their students and community. These redevelopments include green infrastructure and recreational and outdoor educational improvements. The transformation of pavement to greenspace provides storm water management, urban biodiversity and community engagement. 

The videos in this Top Project series will be presented in no particular order, except our final video, which will feature our #1 2020 Top Project.

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