Jul 01, 2015

Water Council Announces Batch 3 Winners of BREW Accelerator Program

The program is a place-based seed accelerator focused on solving global freshwater challenges

The Water Council BREW Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation

The Water Council and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker announced the Batch 3 winners of The BREW accelerator program during a ceremony at the eighth annual Water Summit in Milwaukee. The second round of The BREW entrepreneurs, known as Batch 2, also graduated during the ceremony.

With its debut in 2013, The BREW (Business. Research. Entrepreneurship. in Wisconsin.) is the world’s first place-based seed accelerator focused on solving global freshwater challenges with startups producing cutting-edge technology. The BREW was created by The Water Council and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. (WEDC).

This year, chosen startups with commercialization potential receive up to $50,000 in investments, subsidized space in the Global Water Center, training through the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Institute for Water Business, mentorship from dozens of area water technology experts and more.

After a comprehensive application and judging process, six entrepreneurs and their respective businesses were chosen to participate in the third year of the accelerator program. They are:

  • ICONAC by Harrison Richarz and Ryan Seideman. Iconac brings the benefits of advanced non-invasive pipe inspection to every city by offering a low cost, easy-to-use mobile condition assessment tool. They use the latest in multi-physics and acoustic modeling for efficient, pro-active water asset management.
  • IX Power Clean Water by John Grizz Deal. IX Power provides technologies through their OrganiClear treatment by cleaning produced water from the oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, and construction industries.
  • Optiktechnik by Dr. Jose Ramirez and Dr. Rudi Strickler. Optiktechnik makes optical sensors and instrumentation for characterization of particulate systems. The company's patent-pending laser scanning and image analysis technology enables more accurate monitoring and control of key particle processes in water and wastewater treatment.
  • OXYMem by Wayne Bryne. OxyMem can achieve high oxygen transfer rates (up to 95%) resulting in high energy performance and lower sludge production, using fewer operator hours.  They solve intensive wastewater treatment with the Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR).
  • Radom Corp. by Ashok Menon. Radom has instrumentation with Inductively Coupled Plasma to promote continuous, routine, challenging and in-situ measurements of toxic trace metals in water, waste water, industrial processes, and food and drugs.
  • Solar Water Works by Doug Winkie. Solar Water Works provides solar water treatment systems which use a photo-catalyst to accelerate natural water purification processes, eliminating the need for chemicals or external power which cuts operating cost.

Three honorable mentions have been recognized as well:

  • AmebaGone by Cheryl Vickory and Dr. Marcin Filutowicz. AmebaGone Inc. is a biotechnology company pioneering biocontrol methods harnessing natural predators to thwart bacterial pathogens causing diseases in plants, animals and humans, including Legionnaire’s Disease.
  • Current Data by Eric Compas. Current Data is a complete water quality data collection and information system. Our streamlined system combines a user-friendly sensor array and mobile app with cloud storage and analysis tools to lower the costs of data collection and increase its use in critical water quality decisions.
  • Momentum Environmental by Dan Murphy and Lance Hoff. Momentum Environmental provides the removal of pollutants from storm water through a low-cost and effective option called the Preserver.  The Preserver provides sediment and floatable pollutant removal and retention in storm sewer manholes.

The BREW's goal is to unleash unique water technology start-ups, expand Milwaukee's global water hub, and create new opportunities in the global water industry. The BREW is moving Wisconsin Forward by brewing up water technology start-ups working to address world-wide water issues.