Oct 05, 2015

Water Council Pilot Deployment Program Application Process Opens

Transferring water research from the lab with a working prototype to real world pilot sites

The Water Council Pilot Deployment Program

The Water Council is accepting applications for its Pilot Deployment Program which is designed to help transfer research from the lab with a working prototype, to real world pilot project demonstration sites for practical application. The Program will support businesses of all sizes by acting as a launch pad to validate and commercialize products that are near market introduction.

In August 2015, The Water Council announced a partnership with the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) and Fund for Lake Michigan (FLM) that would provide $600,000 in joint funding over two years to advance new clean water technologies through the Pilot Deployment Program. The Program was launched in early 2015 through a Clean Technology & Innovation grant from Wells Fargo. 

Under the program, applications are being sought for the following three areas of emphasis:

  • Intelligent storm water green infrastructure (i.e. cisterns, bioswales, green roofs, porous paving materials, etc.) – Projects that create Web-based infrastructure that allow for the active management of storm water with green infrastructure systems and the integration thereof;
  • Storm water quality – Projects that enhance the ability to detect contaminants in storm water and runoff, innovate the ability for best management practices to better capture and treat storm water and polluted runoff from both urban and rural environments, and identify beneficial reuse of reclaimed water will be deemed high priority; and
  • Storm water quantity – Projects that achieve runoff control through delayed release to the sewer system and area waterways, improve infiltration rates of green infrastructure, and maximize bio-retention will also be deemed high priority.

Selected projects must address integrated water solutions through innovation, application, and demonstration while maintaining a cost-efficient, scalable and deployable model. The program acts as a catalyst for companies and professionals who are developing new products that deliver significant water quality and/or quantity improvements.

“The Pilot Deployment Program reaffirms an incredibly important area of our mission, to improve world water health,” said Dean Amhaus, president and CEO of The Water Council. “This joint support and funding to help develop and validate new, cutting-edge products, will unleash a new wave of water technology innovation.”

With a membership that includes more than 170 water technology organizations, The Water Council has resources to support technologies related to water quality and quantity. The program will work with Water Council member companies of all sizes who have existing prototypes addressing these issues.

Applications will be accepted through Oct. 30, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. CST, 2015. Entrants can submit their application online. There is no fee to enter the competition. A panel of expert judges selects winners and the number of winners will vary depending on the concepts received. Winners will be announced in December 2015.