Jan 13, 2015

Water Council Receives National Clean Technology and Innovation Grant

The $100,000 award from Wells Fargo will fund the creation of the Water Research Pilot Project

The Water Council, National Clean Technology and Innovation Grant, funding

The Water Council has been chosen to receive a Wells Fargo Clean Technology and Innovation grant.

The Clean Technology and Innovation program supports technology advancements for a clean energy future. The $100,000 award will fund the creation of the Water Research Pilot Project, a program supporting the progression of new water technologies from the lab to demonstration sites for practical application.

The Pilot Project will aid in the growth and attainment of resources necessary for small and medium sized businesses to scale up and reach full commercialization. This project will partner with researchers, entrepreneurs and water technology companies. Research and development will be conducted at a micro level in Milwaukee before taking steps towards macro deployment across the world.

The Pilot Project is a catalyst for young companies and professionals who are scalable, cost effective and have the potential to make social and environmental impacts.

Stonehouse Water Technologies has been chosen as the first participant of the Pilot Project for the development of a compact water filtration system called Water POD. Water POD solves the problem of a lack of healthy, clean drinking water in underserved and distressed populations where water contamination is the norm.

One unit can provide water for up to 1,000 people, and is stackable, meaning more units can be added to serve larger populations. Wells Fargo’s Clean Technology and Innovation Grant will support The Water Council in growing the Pilot Project to accommodate Water POD and future participants in the program with forward thinking, innovative water solutions.