Jun 13, 2016

Water Environment & Reuse Foundation Receives EPA Grant

Foundation will conduct storm water infrastructure alternatives research

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The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) was awarded a $1.95 million grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to investigate cost-effective methods for communities to best control storm water runoff. The goal is to develop tools and a Life Cycle Cost (LCC) framework for storm water infrastructure alternatives that are transparent and peer reviewed.

WE&RF research will focus on cost-effective options for dealing with aging water infrastructure systems that are often expensive for many communities. The LCC framework will take an integrated planning approach that incorporates: data collection of construction, operations, maintenance and replacement costs of grey and green infrastructure solutions; decision support tools that are publically available to the urban water community; and input from the community to ensure their needs are reflected. This integrated Decision Support System (DSS) will be evaluated and validated by a group of model scenarios including population growth, land use change and projected climate scenarios.

The framework will aid decision makers and regulators when comparing life cycle costs and benefits to use alternatives in managing storm water runoff, such as green infrastructure solutions. In addition, this integrated framework will enable communities to analyze risk tolerance for storm water services with their associated costs, including addressing climate resiliency. The resulting data and decision support tools will work at scale with urban water communities.