Aug 13, 2013

Water Research Foundation Changes Periodical Name

Name change reflects expanded focus to include research on a wide array of water issues

WaterRF Periodical Name Change Advances in Water Research

Research Foundation (WaterRF) changed the name of its quarterly publication to Advances in Water Research. The new name, which replaces Drinking Water Research, reflects WaterRF’s perspective that water from all sources must be managed cooperatively to meet the broad scope of economic, social and environmental needs.

In explaining the name change, Rob Renner, executive director of WaterRF, said, “The reality is that Water Research Foundation has always addressed a broad spectrum of water-related research. The new name reinforces that commitment and also reflects an industry movement to a more inclusive and collaborative approach to water management.”

The name change appears on the April-June edition of the magazine, which is now available on the WaterRF website.