May 07, 2012

Water Research Foundation Releases 12 RFPs for Projects Funded Under New Focus Area Program

New online proposal submission process and two additional RFPs also announced

The Water Research Foundation recently released Requests for Proposals (RFP) for 12 projects under its new Focus Area Program. The Foundation approved a total of $3.425 million for these projects.

Each project has its own unique criteria and submission deadline. Below is the complete list of the Focus Area Program RFPs.

  • Focus Area - Hexavalent Chromium: Filling Critical Knowledge Gaps to Inform Effective Rulemaking and Customer Communication

RFP# 4450, Impact of Water Quality on Hexavalent Chromium Removal Efficiency and Cost


  • Focus Area - Water Utility Infrastructure: Applying Risk Management Principles and Innovative Technologies to Effectively Manage Deteriorating Infrastructure

RFP# 4451, Utility Risk Management Methodologies for Buried Assets with Improved Triple Bottom Line Understanding of Pipe Failures

RFP# 4460, Practical Condition Assessment and Failure Probability Analysis of Small Diameter Ductile Iron Pipe


  • Focus Area - NDMA and Nitrosamines: Precursor Control, Treatment Practices, and Distribution System Operations to Achieve Regulatory Compliance

RFP# 4452, Investigating Coagulant Aid Alternatives to PolyDADMAC Polymers

RFP# 4461, Nitrosamine Occurrence Survey


  • Focus Area - Carcinogenic VOCs Contaminant Group: Filling Critical Knowledge Gaps to Inform Meaningful Regulation

RFP# 4453, Survey of Existing VOC Treatment Installations


  • Focus Area - Water Utility Finances: Best Practices for Setting Rates, Financing Capital Improvements, and Achieving Public Support

RFP# 4455, Rate Approval Process Communication Strategy and Toolkit for Legislative Bodies


  • Focus Area - Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Drinking Water: Improved Cost–Benefit Analysis of Different Management Approaches

RFP# 4456, Watershed Sources of Contaminants of Emerging Concern and Relative Risk of (Human) Exposure


  • Focus Area - Contaminant Risk Communication: Developing Core Messages and Engaging Critical Stakeholders

RFP# 4457, Core Messages for Priority Contaminants of Emerging Concern

RFP# 4463, Broadening the National Dialogue on Contaminants of Emerging Concern and Public Health


  • Focus Area - Improving the Effectiveness of Water Demand Forecasts and Management

RFP# 4458, Evaluating the Effects of the Recent Economic Recession on Water Demand


  • Focus Area - Biofiltration: Defining Benefits, Overcoming Unintended Consequences, and Developing Utility Guidance

RFP# 4459, Development of a Biofiltration Knowledge Base/Registry


The Foundation’s Focus Area Program, which was initiated in 2011, is based on broadly relevant subscriber issues to be solved with a targeted, multi‐year research response. Sixty percent of the Foundation’s annual research budget is allocated to the Focus Area Program. The initial projects selected for funding were approved at the April 10−11 meeting of the Focus Area Council (FAC) which oversees the Focus Area Program on behalf of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. The FAC is comprised of utility representatives with a broad understanding of the drinking water community’s most critical issues and research needs.

New Online Proposal Submission Process

The Foundation is offering online submission for 2012 Focus Area Program proposals. This site will be open to submissions by May 7. The new online proposal submission process will be simpler and less resource-intense for both researchers and Foundation staff. It will simplify proposal intake and distribution to our Project Advisory Committees (PACs), helping facilitate more timely proposal review and selection. The online process is also a more environmentally friendly approach. 

Two Additional RFPs released

RFP # 4387, Development of a Water Utility Handbook on EDCs/PPCPs for Public Outreach funded under the EDC/PPCP Strategic Initiative Program is now open. The new online proposal submission process will be utilized for this RFP.

RFP # 4430, Developing Contaminant Warning Systems for Intelligent Distribution Systems funded under the Emerging Opportunities is also available. The new online submission process will not be utilized for this RFP.