Apr 02, 2018

India Builds Rainwater Harvesting Theme Parks

The rainwater harvesting theme parks show the public practical applications and provides educational tools on water conservation methods

Rainwater harvesting theme park in India

The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) of Hyderabad, India, has designed a rainwater harvesting theme park to be built at Butterfly Park in the Jubilee Hills neighborhood. The 3.5 acre theme park will educate citizens on rainwater harvesting and groundwater issues.

This new rainwater harvesting park will be India’s second theme park, with the first a 1.5 acre park in the Jayanagar neighborhood of Bengaluru. The park uses 26 different working models of rainwater harvesting to demonstrate techniques and provide educational tools for groundwater recharge and water conservation. According to The Times of India, the park addresses frequently asked questions on rainwater harvesting, water collecting systems, filtration and storage systems and groundwater recharge methods. The new Hyderabad park will begin construction in six months, HMWSSB said in a statement.

“Rainwater harvesting is one of the prioritized projects... and an important measure to mitigate water scarcity and augment existing water supply,” said AR Shivakumar, the principal scientific officer of Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology and a leader in establishing rainwater harvesting theme parks across India.