Jan 22, 2018

India Constructs 1,000 Rainwater Harvesting Structures

The construction is scheduled to begin Feb. 1

India build rainwater harvesting barrels

The city of Hyderabad, India, agreed to build 1,000 rainwater harvesting structures. The construction of the water reuse structures will be a collaborative effort with the State Industrial Infrastructure Corp. to build 500, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corp. to build 250 and the Metro Water Works Department to build 250. The construction will begin Feb. 1, according to United News of India.

The construction of the rainwater harvesting structures is a response to the rising concern for India’s dwindling groundwater supply. The states of Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh are facing water shortages said Municipal Administration Minister K. Tarakarama Roa. Part of this push for water reuse is a regulation that new homes 300 sq metres or greater are required to have rainwater harvesting pits.