WateReuse Symposium Accepting Abstracts

Abstracts must be submitted by Feb. 24, 2014

The WateReuse Association is accepting abstracts for presentations at the 29th Annual WateReuse Symposium, held Sept. 7 to 10, 2014 at the Fairmont Dallas in Dallas. The Annual WateReuse Symposium is devoted to sustaining water supplies through water reuse and desalination.

To be considered for a place on the podium at the 29th Annual WateReuse Symposium, abstracts of proposed presentations must be submitted by Feb. 24, 2014. Abstracts may be submitted in the following categories:

  • Technical Presentation— a 30 minute speaking slot.
  • Technical Session— Up to 1.5 hours in length with a maximum of 3-5 speakers total. 
  • Panel Discussion—Up to 1.5 hours in length with a maximum of 3-5 speakers total. 

To submit an abstract, click here

Abstracts are being accepted in the following subject areas:

  • • Comparing Quality: Reuse vs. Potable
  • • Decentralized Reuse System Optimization
  • • Desalination for Drought-Proof Water Supply
  • • Direct vs. Indirect Potable Reuse: Why vs. Why Not?
  • • Industrial Reuse
  • • Online, Real-Time Monitoring for Direct Potable Reuse
  • • Purity of Reuse: Clarity of Purpose (optimizing Fit-for-Purpose Reuse applications)
  • • Reuse & Hydrofracking
  • • Water Reuse: Pure, Safe & Secure
  • • Water Reuse Planning: Overcoming Obstacles
  • • Water Reuse Planning: Success Stories
WateReuse Symposium

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