Jul 07, 2020

Severe Storms and Flash Flooding in the East

Severe storms and flash flooding are occurring in the East

storm water

There were more than 220 damaging storm reports from the Plains to the Northeast yesterday, according to ABC News.

The highest wind gust due to thunderstorms was in South Dakota, gusting to 83 mph and downing some trees, which were reported from the Northeast and in the Dakotas. Winds gusted to 71 mph in Mamaroneck, New York and there were winds of up to 66 mph in New Jersey as well as 69 mph in Washington, D.C.

Golf ball-sized hail was reported in Bergen County, New Jersey as well and thunderstorms brought very heavy rain to the Northeast and the Plains.

North of Philadelphia, up to 5 inches of rain was recorded in a few hours, causing significant flash flooding. South of Washington, D.C., more than a half a foot of rain was reported and street and road flooding was reported as well, according to ABC News.

There will be storms in the Northeast today, reported ABC News, but they will not be as severe. Severe storms are expected in the Upper Midwest and the northern Plains from Montana all the way to Minnesota, where winds and large hail will be the biggest threat and a possible threat for a few tornadoes.

A tropical system is trying to develop in the Southeast and the National Hurricane Center is giving it a 40% chance to develop into a Tropical Depression or a Tropical Storm later this week, added ABC News.

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