May 16, 2013

Web-based Drinking Water Advisory Communication Toolbox Released

Guide helps water utilities communicate during drinking water advisories

AWWA Web-Based Tool Box Drinking Water Advisory Communication

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released an updated Web-based version of the Drinking Water Advisory Communication Toolbox, a collaborative effort between CDC, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the American Water Works Assn.

The toolbox provides water utilities a practical guide for what to do and how to communicate during drinking water advisories. These advisories can range from informational, such as if water main repairs are underway in the area, to actionable, such as if “boil water” and “do not drink” notices are sent out.

The toolbox provides information on how to plan for, develop, implement and evaluate drinking water advisories. The toolbox provides detailed recommendations on:

  • How to prepare before an event;
  • What to do during an event; and
  • Follow-up actions and assessments after an event.

The new Web-based version of the toolbox makes navigation simple and provides more than 40 downloadable and customizable tools and templates that water systems, state primacy agencies and local health departments. The website has features to make finding, using and customizing information quick and easy.

Click here for the Web-based toolbox.