Winter Bomb Cyclone Floods East Coast

Coastal towns faced the threat of extreme cold, dangerous snow levels and coastal flooding

Winter storm grayson battered coastlines

Winter Storm Grayson battered the East Coast Jan. 4, resulting in up to 18 in. of snow, winds of 70 mph and coastal flooding. The coastal flooding impacted Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire the hardest. The storm has been classified as a bomb cyclone, which means that the storm’s pressure plummeted and then intensified rapidly.

In Boston, historically high tides flooded the coastline flooding apartments and businesses near the coast. According to Newsweek, flood waters were strong enough in some places to even carry a dumpster down the street.

The storm has been blamed for at least 20 deaths throughout the East Coast due to traffic accidents and exposure to extreme cold. Even states as far south as Florida and Virginia felt the effects of Winter Storm Grayson with temperatures of 20 degrees and flurries in the Florida panhandle.

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