World Bank Funding Bangladesh Water Project

Dhaka Water Supply and Sanitation Project to improve capital's storm water drainage and water/wastewater services

In order to improve the sustainable delivery of storm water drainage, wastewater and water services by the Dhaka Water and Sewerage Authority (DWASA), the Government of Bangladesh has initiated the Dhaka Water Supply and Sanitation Project with funding from the World Bank.World Bank delegates completed the detailed planning for implementing the project on July 29. The World Bank delegates and DWASA also finalized the implementation arrangements for the project.The project has three major components. First, the project will install selected storm water pumping stations and rehabilitate selected canals to help improve drainage and minimize urban flooding. The project will also carry out rehabilitation, repair and expansion of priority investments in Dhaka city's sewerage network and treatment plant to improve the urban environment. Finally, the work will support DWASA's pilot expansion of water and sanitation services into selected Dhaka slums to provide services to the urban poor residing in the slum areas.The estimated total cost of the proposed project is $165.7 million. The World Bank's concessionary arm, International Development Association, will provide about $149 million if the board approves. The government will cover the rest. DWASA will be the project implementing agency.This proposed project was formerly known as the Dhaka Chittagong Urban Flood Mitigation and Sanitation Improvement Project. The World Bank also intends to support port city Chittagong's water, sewerage and storm water drainage system in conjunction with development partners active in the sector in Chittagong under a separate upcoming project.

The World Bank Group

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