Nov 21, 2016

XP Solutions Releases New Storm Water Design Software

New package is faster, integrates with CAD

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XP Solutions released XPDRAINAGE 2017. This automated storm water design software package helps users create fully optimized storm water designs faster and now integrates with CAD packages.

“We have been working hard with storm water engineers to create a design tool that applies directly to the way they work,” said Product Owner Zach Sample, P.E. “XPDRAINAGE is the first software program of its kind that does visual design; allows for easy creation of storm water BMPs to reduce runoff and stay within project goals; optimizes pipes and ponds; and now integrates fully with AutoCAD. We couldn’t be more proud of what we have created with our clients.”

The optimization of storm water systems and retention facilities can be a tedious and time-consuming process that is traditionally separate from the rest of the design process. With this latest release of XPDRAINAGE, storm water designers can cut hours from each storm water design project through automated sizing and optimization of pipes and facilities; easily connect to their CAD program to create an integrated design that meets project requirements; and view results in easy-to-understand animations and tables so the engineer has complete confidence in their design.

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